Karibu sana Tanzania

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Do you want to visit your sponsored child?

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Then come to Tanzania and get to know our projects in person.

Visiting Tanzania enchants!

Both of the projects that are sponsored by WATOYO Tanzania e.V. are located in Arusha, a town in the North of Tanzania. Arusha is the third biggest town of the country and is beautifully situated at the foot of Mount Meru, which is also called the little brother of the Kilimandscharo. Furthermore, Arusha is the starting point for numerous safaris to the Northern Nationalparks of Tanzania, like the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater or the Tarangire Nationalpark. In addition, Tanzania is famous for the annual so-called ‘Great Migration’ of wildebeests and various other wild animals, which can be observed in the Serengeti Nationalpark, amongst others. Discover the breathtaking nature and the diverse flora and fauna of Tanzania and use the possibility to get to know the country and its people by combining your stay with a visit at our project. We are sure that the personal encounter will be an unforgettable experience. If you plan travelling to Tanzania and would like to visit the projects while doing so, we would be glad to help you with any kinds of questions you have. Moreover, we can give you the contacts of local safari guides if you would like to do a safari or a round trip through Tanzania. Just write us an email.

Become a supporter on site

Whoever wants to offer support on site is warmly welcome! Our two projects are happy about your knowledge and your engagement. Do you want to do an internship at a preprimary school, an orphanage or a hospital and pass on your skills and abilities, for example in the course of your studies, your apprenticeship or as break from your job? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you!  We promise you that you will experience unforgettable moments that will enrich your life lastingly. No matter if it is a travel or engagement on site, we would like to point out that…
  • you will be travelling to a country with a different culture and a partly very simple lifestyle.
  • we are not a voluntary agency nor a travel agency. We can merely establish contact with the project coordinators or the safari guides, but we cannot organize your stay.
  • you should be aware of all of the safety and the travel medical information from the Foreign Office.
  • all costs will have to be carried by yourself.


„We, Kara and Jule, were volunteers at the 'Mwanga Children's Foundation' in Arusha in 2017. In the summer of 2019, we visited the project again. Since our first stay a lot of things have changed. With the help of donations and volunteers, two further houses could be constructed, which serve as a dorm room for the children and as a storage room. Furthermore, various playing equipments have been added, like a carousel, swings and an external sun protection. Yet, we are particularly happy that through the sponsoring program already 35 children have gotten the opportunity of receiving a good education. It was especially nice to visit the sponsored kids at the primary school. Many of the children were able to recognize us instantly and we could feel how well they felt at the school and how grateful they were for this chance. All in all, it was great to come back to the project after two years and to see which big improvements the project has accomplished since our stay in 2017.”
Kara und Jule
August 2019
“We visited the orphanage 'Samaritan Village' in Arusha two times during our travels through Tanzania in October 2019. Both of the times, it was a very special experience. The children were happy about our visit and included us in their games right away. Some of them were also a bit shy. On our first day, we played with them on the nicely arranged playground. We could see the bedrooms, where in each room 4 – 5 children have their beds. At our second visit, we played with the kids again. They were very active and also the smallest of the group joined us. Leter at the table, all were being very quiet while waiting for dinner. We were allowed to take part and helped to give the smaller ones their food. We brought painting utensils. The kids were really happy about that and immediately started using them. We were impressed by the orphanage 'Samaritan' and its employees. The house is absolutely neat, the rooms are lovingly designed and there are even a court for ball games and the aforementioned playground. Nevertheless, the facility is still lacking a lot of things. Another thing we found remarkable was the fact that the bigger ones were involved in the taking care of the smaller ones. We thought it was fantastic that all of the children and adolescents are going to a private school, which is made possible by the donations. No one of them has parents and that is sad, but the 'Samaritan' gives them apart from the care of the nannies a nice and sheltered home and with the attendance of the school a real chance for their lives. We are hoping to be able to visit the 'Samaritan' again soon."
Veronika und Fabio
October 2019
“I was at the 'Mwanga Children's Foundation' for two months in 2019. I was overwhelmed by the project and the warmheartedness of the project manager, Saidi, the teachers and, above all, the children. I myself could drive the project forward sustainably through my donations. Moreover, I was able to bring the children great pleasure with small things. Shortly after I came back to Germany, I knew that I would go back to the 'Mwanga' again for a longer time the following year. Half a year later, I was back in Arusha in the 'Mwanga Children's Foundation'. It was great to see what had changed in such a short period of time and how many children had found sponsors in the meantime. The project is an affair of the heart, in which you can play a part. Besides the work in the project, you can also get to know a lot of the country, the culture and the people.”
2019 and 2020