Samaritan Village Tanzania

The Samaritan Village is an orphanage in Arusha with a long history for it was founded in 1994. It is a Christian institution, in which 50 children and adolescents between the age of one month and 25 years live currently. The aim of the founder and the current employees of the orphanage is to give a loving home to children that have been abandoned or that are orphans.

All of the children that live in the ‘Samaritan Village’ have been abandoned by their parents or the parents died and the families of the kids are unknown. Many of the children already came into the orphanage ‘Samaritan Village’ shortly after they had been born and were lovingly received. Here, it is important to underline that new kids are only received if they received a medical examination and are brought to the ‘Samaritan Village’ by the police together with the social services. Living in the orphanage is like living in a big family with many siblings.

The aim of the facility is to lower infant mortality of orphans. Because of this, a healthy and balanced diet plays a major role for them. Everyday, the children get to eat fruits and vegetables from the facility’s own garden and milk and eggs from their own animals.

Another objective is to enable the children to get a good school education in oder to make sure they will be able to stand on their own feet later. To be able to attend a good school, all the children and adolescents are reliant on sponsors.

The ‘Samaritan Village Tanzania’ gets mainly supported by an NGO from the US and is therefore not dependent on any support services from us. But because we hold the institution so dear and the employees do a really good job, we decided to include the orphanage as a project. On the one hand, we profit from the years of experience of the employees, that are always open to our questions concerning organization and management of a social institution in Tanzania.

On the other hand, there are still some children who don’t have a sponsor, that pays their school fees. So far, we could include 7 kids into our sponsoring program.

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Furthermore, good medical care for the children and the adolescents is ensured. During the past few years, a hospital has been built on the plot. This was inaugurated in 2019 and shall now guarantee not only the medical care of the kids and adolescents from the orphanage but also from the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.
Everyday life at the Samaritan Village Tanzania