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Today, he is a proud student of the Kimandolu Primary School Arusha because he found a generous German family that is sponsoring him.

„Education in the early stages of childhood could really change current and future society.“
Maria Montessori

For many kids and adolescents in Tanzania going to school is not such a natural thing as for us in Eurpoe.

This has manifold reasons. One of them are the costs that are often not affordable for the families. Although there are public schools, that are subsidised by the state and therefore free, costs for school uniforms, school material and the way to school have to be paid. Many families, however, do not have sufficient money to send all of their children to school.

Another factor is that the quality of public schools is often very poor. There are hardly any qualified teachers. Learning progress is only achieved very slowly. Individual support is impossible. I (Carla) have lived myself on Zanzibar for some months and have taught there at public schools. A class with more than 80 children is not unusual but normality. Much creativity and commitment is needed from the teachers to include and support all of the students.


it was a particular concern to us to build up a sponsoring program that enables kids and adolescents from disadvantaged families to get a good school education at private schools.

We are convinced that education is the key to escape poverty

Disadvantaged children require the best possible support to become autonomous and independent. Above, we have already explained why a sponsoring program is so crucial for us. Nevertheless, the criticism of these kinds of programs is voiced time and again. For example, it is often heard that sponsoring is an individual support which does not tackle the causes of poverty or with development problems. Critics say that instead of individuals the community should be reinforced.

That’s why in the following we want to introduce our sponsoring program in more details:


In our sponsoring program, underpriviledged children, that cannot or can just partly be supported by their families, get admitted. Before we search for sponsors for the children, we decide about the child’s admission into the program together with the project coordinators in Arusha. Here, the situation of the family is decisive. This is especially the case for the ‘Mwanga Children’s Foundation’. Because all of the children of the ‘Samaritan Village Tanzania’ are orphans or the families are not known and the kids partly had a really hard start in life, this selection process is omitted for them.

After the admission of the child into the sponsoring program, we make sure that the school fees are paid on time at the beginning of the school year. The money is not given to the families but directly to the schools. Through the close contact our local project coordinators have with the schools, we can ascertain that the children go to school regularly.

Here, it is important to us to stress that we know all of the children in person and that we can guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used for the shool education of the child you are sponsoring.

Through the sponsoring program the following expenses can be covered:
  • application fees of the school
  • yearly school fees
  • school uniform
  • if needed: costs for the school meal
  • if needed: examination fees
  • if needed: fare for the way to school Anmeldegebühren der Schule
Moreover, all of the former children of the ‘Mwanga Children’s Foundation’ can come to the foundation after school or when there are weekend events. The members of staff of the preprimary school are always open for problems and questions from the children..
As a sponsor, you receive a photo as well as some information on your sponsored kid at the beginning of the sponsoring. At least once a year, we will send you a letter describing the development of your sponsored child and a current picture. The sponsoring is mainly financial. Nevertheless, it is essential to us that there also is an exchange between you and your sponsored child. When we as board members fly to Tanzania, we will inform you beforehand. Then you can write your sponsored child a little letter or send him or her something small and personal.

Our aim is that all of the sponsored children will be able to live an independent and self-determined life.

For this, a good education is imperative in our opinion. Currently, all of the kids in our sponsoring program are attending a primary school. We are striving to accompany all of the children so long, so they can go to a secondary school after that. As soon as the first of our sponsored children will finish 6th grade (primary schools include 1st to 6th grade in Tanzania), we will take care of their further education. We will be doing this in close collaboration with the sponsors, the project coordinators as well as the children themselves.

Of course, we hope that you will accompany your sponsored child until the end of primary school. We also know, however, that life circumstances can change at any time. Therefore, our sponsorship doesn’t have a contractual or temporal obligation. If it is not possible for you anymore to pay the sponsoring, we would like to ask you to let us know as early as possible so that we can search for a solution.

Our aim is to accompany the children and aloscents at least until the end of primary school. It can, however, be possible that the sponsorship has to end earlier. This is the case if:
  • the sponsored child doesn’t go to school regularly and also after conversations with the child and the family nothing changes or he or she refuses to go to school.
  • the economical situation of the family has improved so much that a sponsoring isn’t necessary any longer.
  • the sponsored child and his or her family move somewhere else and he or she has to change school.
  • the families interact in an inappropriate way with us or the project coordinators..
In case of a termination of the sponsoring, we will inform you immediately and would like to ask you to accept our well-considered decision.

Become a sponsor Now!

Proudly, Debora and Grace show their certificates. Both of them finished last school year as the best of their class, respectively. Attending school at the ‘Kimandolu Primary School’ was only made possible through the support of two sponsors.

Are you interested in supporting a child from Arusha? Then write us an email at!

The costs for a sponsorship vary depending on the schools, type of school and the grade. Because of this, we can’t give concrete information on the amount of the sponsoring.
From past experience, we can say that the costs lie around 200€ and 550€ per year.


Consciously, we don’t show any children and adolescents on our website anymore that are wating for a sponsorship.

The reason for this is that we don’t want them to have better or worse chances because of their gender, age or look. If you are interested in a sponsorship, we will look into which child needs a sponsoring the most and what are your financial expectations in personal exchange with you.

We thank you for your understanding!

We are happy and proud that already 52 children form part of or sponsoring program. We would like to thank all of our sponsors from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark, which enable the children to attend a private school.