„The belive in the good will increase the good in the world“

Hans Margolius

Our Promise

Due to our experiences on site, we are aware of the projects and have the greatest confidence in those responsible. Honesty and trust are the most important values for WATOYO Tanzania e.V., as well as for our project partners.

They put the wellbeing of the children and adolescents first and look after them with love. Nevertheless, we concluded contracts with the two projects, thus we can ensure that the donations entrusted to us are used correctly.

In this contract, the financial and temporal framework is clearly specified. All parties are treated equally, with equal value and respect. The use of the donations is based on a negotiation process with all those involved.


WATOYO Tanzania e.V. speaks out clearly against any form of corruption!


Transparency creates trust

WATOYO Tanzania e.V. set itself the goal of being as transparent as possible! This means inter alia, that the donations unexceptional benefits the children in the projects. All administrative costs, such as transaction costs, account fees, postages get financed completely through member fees. In order to that, we can promise, that…

100% of the donations will reach the children in both projects.

It goes without saying, that every donor knows what his donation will be used for. Everyone who supports us financially will receive a letter of thanks, to express how truly grateful we are for each person who supports us and the projects in Arusha! At least once a year, we inform everyone who is sponsoring one of the children regarding the development of the child. All income and expenses are listed in the annual financial report. This report is published every year and accessible to everyone on the homepage. To ensure the correctness, we request receipts for every expense from out partners. There is no general reporting requirement for non-profit organizations in Germany, nevertheless, should every association, which works for the common good, communicate the objectives, sources of funds and usage clearly. Therefore, WATOYO Tanzania e.V. participates in the initiative of Transparency Deutschland e.V..

Transparency Deutschland e.V. has defined ten fundamental issues, that every civil society organization should make available to the public. These include, among others: the articles of association, the names of the key decision-makers as well as information about the sources and usage of funds and personnel structure. All signatories to the initiative commit to make the following ten pieces of information available to the public and to keep them up to date:

1. Name, Registered Office, Address And Year Of Foundation

Name: WATOYO Tanzania e.V.
Adress: Storkower Straße 88, 10409 Berlin, Germany
Inaugural meeting: 01.10.2017
Entry in the Berlin official register on January 24, 2018

2. Complete Constitution & Statements Regarding The Organizations´ Objectives

Our constitution can be downloaded using the symbol above.
The goals of the association can be viewed under the menu item “Our Visions And Goals”.

3. Information of tax relief

The association WATOYO Tanzania eV (tax no. 27/681/52078) is exempt from corporation tax, due to the promotion of charitable and charitable purposes according to the last exemption notice from the Berlin tax office (dated May 31, 2019, according to § 5 Para. 1 No. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act Section and §3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act exempt from trade tax).

4. Name and function of main decision-makers

First chair: Carla Waldvogel
second chair: Sarah Pfeifer
The association is represented by a member of the board in and out of court.

5. Activity Report

Our 2018 activity report can be downloaded using the symbol above.

6.Personnel structure

There are no permanent employees or honorary staff. All board members, teams and members work on a voluntary basis.

7./8. Information on the origin and use of funds

Our financial reports can be viewed using the symbol above.

9. Legally affiliated unities with third parties

There are no contractual relationships with third parties. The association board decides without external influence.

10. Names of individuals or organizations, whose annual payments make up more than 10% of the annual budget

So far, the association has not received any payments from people/ organizations that make up more than 10 percent of the annual budget.